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LAD Law Group, P.C. defends the rights of employees from the South Side to Millennium Park, from the West Side to Soldier Field and from Lincoln Park to the Loop. Founded by Chicago employment attorney Jemelle Cunningham in 2010, LAD Law Group, P.C. fights to ensure all workers in the Chicago area enjoy equal rights and fair treatment as afforded by state and federal employment laws. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, “A right delayed is a right denied.” When an employee suffers workplace discrimination or sexual harassment, does not receive overtime compensation to which he or she is entitled, or faces wrongful termination, LAD Law Group, P.C. steps in and seeks justice on the employee’s behalf.

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Do not fight injustice in the workplace alone. Let the qualified professionals at LAD Law Group, P.C. put their employment law experience to work for you.

Know Your Rights

Many employees do not realize that state and federal legislation protects them from discrimination, harassment, retaliation, improper compensation and unjust termination. If workers do not know their rights, they may fail to recognize when employers violate those rights. LAD Law Group, P.C. helps Chicago workers understand their rights under federal and state employment laws, empowering them to take action when an employer’s conduct may be illegal. When employers implement unlawful policies, take illegal actions, fail to address a hostile work environment or otherwise harm employees, LAD Law Group, P.C. fights aggressively for the wronged workers.